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We are very pleased to write this reference letter for Andrew Wenger of Wenger Construction, Brownsville, Oregon.  


Andrew built our new home in 2003. Throughout all phases of the construction we found him to be very personable and extremely easy to communicate with. He was always flexible with our requests to make changes throughout the construction. He gave as much of his time as we needed to work out all details from the start to finish.

He also made recommendations during the construction which made the finished product “come together” more completely and to our satisfaction. The vision we had for our home was a “log cabin style” without the logs. Even though this plan was very different from any home he had built previously Andrew was never hesitant to accommodate us.


It has been 6 years since the completion of our home and we have not experienced a single problem of any kind. If we were to build another home Andrew would be our first choice as a contractor.

Lou and Carol Monroe

Brownsville, Oregon

About me:  I work as a systems analyst and my wife Angela runs our family nursery business. We have 4 kids between the ages of 6 and 12. Our home, location and ‘sense of place’ are, like for many people, very important to us. Although I am not licensed builder, I have built 3 homes over the last 15 years and I have an eye for quality design, construction and materials.

Why we bought from Andrew:  We moved from Michigan to Oregon in 2005 and were drawn to Andrew Wenger’s homes because they were built in that iconic ‘craftsman’ style, meeting the balance between price and quality at about the place in the market we could comfortably afford. We discovered our home just as it was being framed in and we were able to pick out the paint, flooring, cabinets, etc. To save us money, Andrew allowed me to install the hard wood flooring (with his tools!). He was a joy to do business with in every way.

We love our home!  An older home was demolished to build ours; leaving the mature landscaping and trees, making the property feel very ‘established’.  The new home was fitted into the landscape perfectly, making the best of the ¾ of an acre.  The internal layout of the home works well with our family. The ‘public’ area centers on the living, dining and kitchen areas with the first floor built with 9’ ceilings. The master bedroom is fairly large as is the bath and closet. The attached garage and laundry room are made with the same attention to detail as the rest of the home. The trim work is solid and attractive. The doors throughout the home are 6 panel solid fir.

We Recommend Wenger Construction LLC:  We see ourselves raising our kids in this home, perhaps living out our days there.  I believe our home, built by Andrew, will in the decades to come, be seen as an example of top-notch quality craftsmanship from our time. Since we moved to Brownsville in 2006, we have grown to know Andrew and his family and would recommend him to anyone considering building or remodeling.

Peter J. Huss

Brownsville, Oregon

Our experience working with Wenger Construction was great. From start to finish we were happy with all the steps taken in building our new home. We started with a budget and clear expectations. During the design process, Andrew helped us decide what we could do and couldn’t do, while staying in our budget yet still satisfying our needs. The building process stayed within budget and finished in a timely manner. After living in this home for a few years we feel that it has definitely passed the test of quality and durability. If I ever need another home built, we will be calling Wenger Construction, and would recommend them to anyone.

Brian and Libby Tenbusch


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