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Insulation is the main ingredient that keeps the outside elements from affecting the inside temperature of a space. An energy efficient home has greatly increased amounts of insulation in its walls, floors and ceilings. Typically, insulation is measured by its R-value. The R-value is the ability of a material to resist heat transfer. The lower the R-value, the faster the heat is lost. For example, the code for insulation states that the R-value in a house should be: Floors - R 30, Walls - R 21 and Ceiling - R 38. In order to increase energy efficiency and not waste energy costs, we have upgraded insulation in the complete house envelope.


The amount of insulation is important, but so too, is the method of insulating. While the conventional way of insulating with “batts” is more inexpensive, the performance is not as good. Newer ways of insulating have proven to be more effective. BIB’s system allows us to fill every crack and crevice in a house, thus producing better insulation value for each job. 

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