Wenger Construction Services


Residential construction is an exciting opportunity to construct the haven that your family will call home. Included among the myriad decisions of your project, from the floor plan to the color palette, is the opportunity to integrate energy efficiency measures into the home’s construction from the ground up.


Wenger Construction guides clients through the home building process and recommends innovations that save energy, keeps bills and maintenance affordable, and results in a healthful and comfortable home.

Wenger Construction Services
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More and more of our clients request energy efficient homes, and we respond with the latest best practices in building science. These best practices of high performance home building increase the efficiency in the homes we build by leaps and bounds. The end result is a beautiful and functional high performance home that improves both total energy savings and overall comfort for your family.

High performance home building means that Wenger Construction integrates significant structural elements with energy efficiency in many different areas, providing a home with premium ventilation, unparalleled protection from the outside elements, consistent indoor temperatures and lower utility bills. If your plans include water management, efficient lighting, photovoltaic installations or passive solar design, we are able to help you select the opportunities that integrate a full range of sustainability into your home.